Frequently asked questions on COVID-19 vaccinations

  • There’s no need for any antibody determination before or after vaccination.

  • There’s no need to take a COVID-19 PCR test. This fact doesn’t interfere with vaccination and isn’t a risk for the body.

  • Currently, none of the vaccines use the live virus that causes COVID-19. That means that they cannot cause coronavirus disease.

  • Yes, vaccination is necessary to avoid severe health risks and possible recurrence of the infection. One can get vaccinated after the onset of the last symptoms. Currently, it is not yet known how long the developed immunity lasts after recovering from COVID-19. 

  • There’s no need to use any medicine after getting vaccinated.

  • There’s no need for clinical testing, including coagulation tests, determination of blood clotting factors.

  • Visit the How to Protect Yourself & Others page to learn about how to protect yourself from respiratory illnesses, like COVID-19.